Auto Body Services

We strive to earn your business every day through our exceptional service and expertise. We offer a variety of technical training, business development, and management services as well as complete coatings and repair products available to the collision, fleet, emergency vehicles, marine, aerospace, cabinet making, industrial, manufacturing, and fabrication industries.

Technical Services

We offer technical assistance in troubleshooting booth issues, compressed air quality concerns, product demos and technical training, access to Collision Hub web-based monthly C20 groups, ordering and delivery process with times, in-house IT support for mixing machine customers, 3 in-house technical support staff to provide onsite and web-based training on our major paint lines and more!


Custom Color Matching

Having trouble finding the paint code on the vehicle you are working on or need a color custom matched? Our fully integrated color team can custom match colors for all industries in several lines of paint. Just bring in or send in a sample and we can match it — let us know if you want an exact match or a bendable match and we will do the rest!

Spray Gun Repairs & Rebuilds

Is your spray gun not performing up to par? Just send your gun into the store and have our repair center examine it. Once they have determined the problem they will give you a call and an estimate of what it will take to get it performing well again. It may just need a good cleaning, repaired, or sometimes rebuilt if necessary.

Facility Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a complete unbiased overview of the technical areas of your repair facility. This analysis encompasses all aspects of the repair and refinishing processes from the time the vehicle enters your shop to the final inspection of the completed repair.

Compressed Air Analysis

A compressed air analysis is a detailed look at the complete air supply source in your shop. Starting with the compressor itself, we thoroughly examine every part of the system. All areas in need of attention will be photographed and documented in a report with suggested solutions to identified problems and potential problems.

Spray Booth Analysis

A spray booth analysis is a process that will show how your booth is performing during the spray and baking cycles. Temperature and airflow are measured and plotted on graphs to visualize current booth performance and identify areas needing improvement.

Waterborne Shop Scan

Are you ready to use waterborne paints in your facility? We can help by utilizing Spray Booth Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Compressed Air Analysis while focusing on the specific demands required for the use of waterborne materials. Once this scan is complete, you will know exactly what you need to do to use waterborne coatings.

Free Delivery Services

For those of you who have an account with us, we offer additional service. Just for your convenience, we will deliver your order straight to your shop door free of charge, so you can concentrate on your work and not worry about getting the supplies. We’ve dedicated several delivery times throughout each weekday to bring your order right to you. Just give us a call ahead and we will be there when you need us.

Delivery trucks leave the Zimmerman location 3 times a day Monday through Friday:

  • 7:00 AM
  • 9:30 AM
  • 1:30 PM

Delivery trucks leave the C.A.R.S. location 2 times a day Monday through Friday:

  • 9:00 AM
  • 1:00 PM
  • Sorry, no weekend deliveries

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Business Services

Our business services include paint inventory evaluation, KPI tracking, lean processing, and SOP implementation, internal 20 Group availability, profit monitoring, monthly invoice break downs, yearly comparisons for P&L, and more.


Paint & Materials Inventory Management

Our Paint and Materials Management program allows us to assist you in achieving inventory organization and levels that meet your needs not exceed them. This process allows us to better serve you since you will have customized order forms designed especially for your shop. These order forms contain only the products you use in your shop and since they are typed out, our store personnel do not have to decipher a salesman’s handwriting or suffer through a bad cell phone connection to determine what product you ordered. This eliminates potential areas for mistakes resulting in more accurate orders for you.

Paint & Material Profit Monitoring Program

While our major paint manufacturers have very detailed programs to help you, our Paint and Materials Profit Monitoring Program is more of an entry-level way to monitor your figures. This is kind of a walk before you run philosophy. All you need to do is submit a few numbers to us on a monthly or quarterly basis and we can enter the data into our program. What you get back is a selection of graphs and charts compared to industry benchmarks so you can see how your shop measures up.

Training Services

We are nationally known and highly regarded industry leaders for yearly training events and our strong industry relationships that go well beyond the boundaries of PA help our clients continue to grow and prosper.


In-Shop I-CAR Training

I-CAR training needs are a constant in our industry if you want to keep up with technological advances. Through the support of our suppliers, we are able to offer various I-CAR certified classes to help our customers achieve this goal. Examples of this are: panel bonding, plastic repairs, truck bed liners, interior refinish, and custom refinishing.


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Federal Application Certification

As stated in a new Federal Rule for Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coatings Operations, shop owners have to ensure legal compliance with the following guidelines. Please visit the EPA Collision Repair Campaign for more information.

  • Train and certify all painters
  • Install spray booths that are 98% efficient
  • Usefully enclosed and ventilated spray booths
  • Apply coatings with HVLP or equivalent technology
  • Use enclosed spray gun cleaning methods
  • Submit required notification and reports, or keep records


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